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What if we shared with you that women may be looking for a book just like yours, but they just haven't discovered it yet?

For over seventeen years now, has helped promote over 2,000+ author's and publisher's providing today's aspiring women with information about books, products, events and resources that uplift, entertain, empower and inspire. was featured in Publisher's Weekly, the Seattle Times, Essence Magazine, Literary Source, as well as, numerous radio/TV broadcasts, and reaches over 25,000+ aspiring women worldwide who love to discover good books.

Please read and complete the easy steps below to reserve your promotion opportunity with and watch your exposure soar worldwide! Additional services are provided that will help support authors and aspiring authors. (See below.) inspires women of all ages to make reading a FUN lifestyle!

Why are people RAVING about promoting the Good Girl way?

" is the place for today's discerning and enlightened women. There may not be anyone who loves literature and writing more than the women at And they prove it by being a place where women--of all ages and colors--can come together to find out about books that not only entertain but enrich their lives. proves that being good can also be good fun! I wouldn't think of launching a book without them!"

- Sharon Ewell Foster,award-winning author of The Resurrection of Nat Turner

"I love the because it gives me the opportunity to meet my core audience and keep them informed on all the ways I'm striving to serve them through my books, conferences and seminars. I love the fact that they take care of business in excellence while reaching an important cross section of women who are searching for ways and information to live their best life and be their best. After all it is all about women being engaged with one another and encouraging one another to higher heights and is doing exactly that!"

- Michelle McKinney Hammond, bestselling author of, Secrets of an Irresistible Woman

"Partnering with to promote my books has been one of the best decisions I have made. offers effective and engaging advertising and provides just enough information to whet the appetites of the women readers I'm pursuing. To be fully effective, every online marketing campaign should include this website!"

- Stacy Hawkins Adams, author of Finding Home

" gave me a golden opportunity to reach a select market. Targeted efforts like this are an ideal find. The staff worked hard to present a package that suited my goal of launching Life, Libby, and the Pursuit of Happiness directly to readers who want a faith world view served up with their fiction."

-Hope Lyda, author, Life, Libby and the Pursuit of Happiness

"Deciding to promote with has been one of the best decisions I ever made as it exposed my book and website to thousands of eager readers nationwide. I was pleasantly surprised with the overwhelmingly positive response I received from promoting my book with and I recommend it to anyone looking to reach the masses, create a noteworthy buzz, brand your product, or witness an increase in retail and, most notably, online sales."

- Kimberley Brooks, author of He's Fine...But Is He SAVED?

"I buy promos with periodically to promote my Inspirational Speaking, One-Woman Show and my other book, I Say A Prayer For Me. It has really help put me on the global map. I've sold more books and secured speaking engagements as a result of the exposure through"

- Stanice Anderson, author of, I Say A Prayer for Me

" is more than a book club - it is an international gathering place for readers who enjoy inspirational books. Impressively, the Good Girls audience knows no bounds. I was amazed when a bookstore in England inquired about selling Still Waters as a result of receiving an e-campaign, not to mention being contacted by TV/ radio shows and other book clubs. Having the opportunity to connect with a wealth of readers and media outlets is a tremendous blessing, which is why I highly recommend Good Girl to any author and/or speaker who is serious about reaching a diverse group of loyal, enthusiastic, and passionate readers located around the world. Truly marketing dollars well spent."

- Patricia Haley, national bestselling author of Redeemed

"When I open my author marketing and promotions toolbox, you can best believe one of those tools is a service provided by Goodgirlbookclubonline. No Author toolbox is complete without it."

- BLESSEDselling Author E. N. Joy

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Benefits for You:

  • You will promote your book and brand with the fastest growing on-line, interactive book promotion service for today’s aspiring women.
  • You will increase exposure to your target audience worldwide.
  • You will build repoire with your readers.
  • You will inspire loyal readers to brag more.
  • Cost-effective way of promotional media.
  • You will form a priceless union with the people who read your genre of work.
  • You will make a difference in the lives of readers.
  • has the power to link all the other traditional bridge -building methods plus provide its own direct link with loyal supporters.
  • You will promote your book worldwide creating buzz.

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What is an EPromo and Book Announcement

An EPromo or Book Announcement is a fast, cost effective and efficient way of reaching your target audience. Before new media, to reach a large number of people would require expensive direct mail campaigns or newspaper and magazine ads.

EPromos and Book Announcements are an electronic transmission of your book, product, resource or event information directly via email to opt in subscribers. EPromos and Book Announcements are a promotional vehicle, not a sales tool. These wildly popular and in demand promotional vehicles will help create awareness, increase exposure, introduce or reinforce a book, product, resource, event, service, offering or brand. It helps build relationships and helps the recipient make an informed decision or encourage them to pursue more information.

An EPromo or Book Announcement is the ideal promotional opportunity for you.

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Promotion Opportunities for Major Publishers & Ad Agencies

Option #1 | E-Promo

Reach 25,000+

Placement fee: Just $299 per book

Only $299 per predesigned E-Promo flight when promo insertion is submitted via JPEG format and ready to send out.

For a limited time only, purchase three E-Promos (prepaid) and receive fourth promo FREE!

Artwork specs: 600 x 800 JPEG format

Need graphic design? Please include a $110.00 creative service fee and let our design team do the work for you. (One revision included.)

Check out a few past E-Promos: (click on each authors name to view promo)

After payment is submitted, please email predesigned e-promo to and include your name, contact info and one link.

Option #2 | Book Announcement

Reach 3,000+

Placement fee: Just $149 per announcement.

For a limited time only, purchase three book announcements (prepaid) and receive fourth book announcement FREE!

Book announcement includes book cover image, brief book description or synopsis, brief bio (optional) and one link.

Check out a few previous book announcements:

Once content is submitted, changes may not be made without revision fee.

After payment is submitted, please email 1) book cover jpeg, 2) brief book description or synopsis, 3) brief bio (optional), and 4) one link to goodgirlbookclubonline @

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Payment Center

Step 1: Select option from above.

Step 2: To guarantee service and current rate, after choosing your option above, submit payment with your credit or debit card by clicking on the Reserve Your Spot Now button below. E- checks are not accepted via Paypal. If you have an existing Paypal account, you may send payment to: goodgirlbookclubonline @

To reach us by phone, call (630) 447-8496. This number is reserved for serious inquires only please. 

Special note: Payment must clear our bank before flight date is provided. You will receive notification when your e-Promo or book announcement takes flight.  Changes made after submission may result in revision fees.  Due to the immediacy of this service, refunds aren’t given.

Step 3: After submitting payment, please email with your name and phone number along with content based on the option you selected above.

Flight dates are scheduled in the date placements are received.

Special flight date requests incur a $25 rush fee.

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Services for Authors & Self Publishers

Watch your Amazon ranking explode with 4,000+ Free Kindle downloads available to Kindle authors. Service fee: $500.00, and requires a two business day lead time and two free promotion days available in your Kindle Direct Publishing account. We have the right to reject any order that does not align with our core audience.

Homepage cover placement: $99.00 per month, per book. Three month minimum.

Digital ebook or print book production/publishing service: $1995 for up to 300 pages.
You will receive both ePub and .Mobi files to upload to the online bookseller of your choice. Manuscript must be edited and ready for conversion. (Pictures, charts, graphs, endnotes or footnotes may incur additional fee.)

Book Review Service: $350.00 - Includes review of your book (PDF must be provided) and writing of review by our professional review team. The fee for the book review service is for the professional book reviewer's time. It does not guarantee a five star review. However, the book review will include strengths of the book. All book reviews are posted to unless otherwise advised and also shared with over 3,500 Good Girl N Circle Readers.

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